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Equally enjoyable for me too!
San Diego , CA Love Little Laureate!
I'm thrilled when our two year old goes to the DVD cabinet, pulls this out and says, "I want Star!" Of all the DVDs in our library for our two year old, I prefer this one head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, I enjoy it myself. Unlike other childrens' DVDs, this is wonderful even if it's just playing in the background while the children play with blocks in the next room. The classical soundtrack is refreshing first thing in the morning. And the artwork! I'm glad that my child is being introduced to the beauty of Van Gogh and Picasso at a young age. It's very well done and the artworks chosen are appropriate and enjoyable for children, even including one from "Goodnight Moon", one of her favorite bedtime books. The only flaw might be that this is thirty minutes long. My two year old doesn't object to that, but when this DVD is over I find myself playing it again. I wish there was a 60 or 90 minute version for grown ups!

Educate & Inspire Your Children!
Reviewer: Terri Johnes, Arlington , VA
I discovered this DVD through my Moms Club, and I have never been so impressed with a video. I have a 12-month-old, 4 year-old and 9 yr old, and they all love it. Sometimes I play the DVD just for the amazing classical score as lovely background music. And every time I turn it on for my kids, I find myself sitting down to watch just a bit and watching the whole thing.

It is a video meant to be watched *with* your children. We talk about what we see on the screen, what's coming next, colors, shapes, animals... I suppose if you use your VCR as a babysitter and just plop kids in front of it hoping they'll be mesmerized, you should pick a mindless, noisy alternative. But if you want to expose your children to gorgeous works of art with color, texture, pattern and a rich pallete of music, educate and inspire them, this is a wonderful teaching tool. The best I've found in this medium in fact.

Reviewer: Johanna Kiegle
I am a second grade teacher with a 2, 6 and 9 year old, and this series is by far the best I've ever seen! It's got a broader scope than other tapes, there's more concrete educational material, and the production quality is just AMAZING. I got the DVD for my 2 year old, but my older kids even like watching it. I HIGHLY recommend this series. It far surpasses everything else on the market! Five Stars!

AMAZING VIDEO! Highly recommend!Love Little Laureate
Reviewer: Joan Liebert
I got this from my mother-in-law and have never been so happy with a video for small children. Instead of the  mind-numbing, non-educational stuff you see on the other tapes, this video is well-done, highly engaging and has wonderful, stimulating content. Good television watching habits begin with you. What are you showing your baby? Even 5 minutes of this tape is a wonderful addition to your family's home educational plan. Art, classical music, movement, colors, shapes. Little Laureate = perfection.

My 2-Year-Old Keeps Asking For It
Reviewer: Jack White
Great production quality, highly educational, thoroughly enjoyable viewing for parents. My 2-year-old asks for it every day. When she watches, she talks along with the tape: "equator," "kangaroo," nice enhancements to her vocabulary. Even my 9-year-old likes to watch it. She likes the reinforcment of things she's learning in school, about the Amazon rainforest, etc. It's great to know my kids can be exposed to everything from the Great Wall of China to the foreign languages at such an early age.

The Holy Grail of Baby Videos
Reviewer: A viewer from Cleveland , OH

Finally, someone got it right!!! It's only taken years of poor quality, basement productions for someone to finally step up the the plate. Parents, this video is a lifesaver!

Why It's Great:
It's actually educational. It's void of those ridiculous toy close-ups and cheap puppet shots (how is that supposed to make my kid smarter -- looking at toys???). No more tinkly baby piano music. No annoying sound effects.

This video is gorgeous. Amazing artwork that actually animates on screen, sort of like a connect-the-dots or intricate puzzle. It's not only dazzling for kids, but keeps parents entertained as well. They must have actually tested this on adults too, because for once I actually look forward to watching it with my kids.

The music is a full symphony version of some of the best classical music out there. The tape is worth getting for the soundtrack alone.

My older kids got more out of the art -- at least, they can talk anyway -- but my baby practically jumps out of her skin when Star comes on screen. Great host.

I highly recommend this video.

love this dvd
Reviewer: jill57789 from Indianapolis, IN
We own every kids DVD on the market, and the folks at Little Laureate have outdone everyone with this release. It's a wonderful presentation with the best art and music I can remember seeing, my kids love it, and the DVD has great extra features like being able to play different cuts of the movie. I highly recommend this to anyone with kids!

If your kids like Baby Einstein...
Reviewer: jaquino11 from Washington     
...get this tape.
It is so much better! The music is a symphony version that includes all the mathematical good stuff that stimulate brain cells. I personally can't stand the canned nursery music on other tapes. The animation makes watching it a joy. We have seen this already about 20 times and I'm not sick of it yet (
a miracle). I can't recommend this enough. I've been waiting for a baby video that got it right, and this hits the bullseye.

My 2 Year Old Wants to go to the RainforestI Love Little Laureate
Reviewer: Becky Billings, Boca Raton, FL
Since I got this DVD, my 2-year-old has been asking me to go the rainforest on "cacation". She tells me she wants to see birds, monkeys and frogs like she sees on the video. We talk about Paris and China and all sorts of worldy places we'll go together. It makes me so happy that she's not only been exposed to this kind of culture, but that she loves it and talks about it. Kudos to "My World Adventure"!

A family favorite!
Reviewer: A viewer, Chicago, IL
Simply wonderful and different. A creative approach to learining. It "shows" the viewer how to look at art. Kid friendly but not simpering. We love it. Bought "World Travel" too. For the Love of art is still our favorite. Can't wait to see what Little Laureate comes up with next

We Love Little Laureate!
Reviewer: Jane Monroe, Cincinnati, OH
We are so glad someone has finally come along with tapes for children that make sense, are well done, are educational and fun for everyone -- even parents -- to watch. My children loved the first tape "For the Love of Art," and they love this one even more!
My 19-month-old asks for the "Star" tape every night. It makes me so happy to have finally found something I can feel good about my kids watching.

Great Baby Video
Reviewer: Jake Weiss
We got "For the Love of World Travel" as a gift and liked it so much, we bought this one as well. We are delighted that it's just as good. My kids are captivated by the art and animation.
This is truly one of the best tapes out there. I highly recommend the Little Laureate series.

Reviewer: Joanna
My entire family loves watching these videos! The art is amazing, the music mesmerizing! I have both titles by this company and hope they make dozens more! Thank you for a great product!!

Amazing Geography Lesson
Reviewer: A viewer
We have every baby tape on the market and this is the first one I have seen that teaches kids geography. My husband is from Europe, so it's wonderful that my kids can have a global view of other places. I especially love that it teaches kids how to say "I Love You" in other languages. Wonderful production. Highly recommend!

Baby EinsteinThe BEST video out there!!!!
Reviewer: Halle, Chicago, IL
I LOVE this video. My 6 month old loves it as well! She will sit and watch the entire 30 minutes without a peep. The music is fantastic and the artwork is amazing. Unlike other videos, the music isn't annoying to me. I could listen to the music over and over (which we do) while getting things done around the house while she is watching the beautiful artwork. The fact that the music and artwork presentation is choreographed so that the art hits the beats in the music is great!

This video is so much better and more appealing than the Baby Einstein videos. I don't feel like I am watching a home video of toys filmed in my basement, like I do when I watch the other baby videos out there.

I am pleased that there is a video that both my daughter and I can enjoy. Introducing her to such beautiful artwork at a young age will be much more beneficial to her than watching a toy duck being pulled across the screen. I highly recommend this video!

An Engaging Visual Treat
Reviewer: Cynthia, Connecticut
This video presents gorgeous artwork in a creative way - moving images that sweep across the screen until it is filled. My children recognized the artwork from "Goodbye Moon" and others were new. My two boys, 3 and 20 months, love this video and it keeps their attention with lovely art, colors and music. I love to watch this video because it is so beautiful! My children love star. I highly recommend this video.

The baby, cat and I all enjoy it
Reviewer: A viewer, South Bend, IN
This is a DVD my 14 month enjoys, and I actually like to watch it too. We have almost all the Baby Einstein DVDs, which I like, but this is much more abstract. Instead of "silly" - their term - puppet shows and toys moving to music, you experience art broken down to its very basic component shapes, and your child can see how a circle is the foundation of a Van Gogh or a triangle the building block of a Matisse. Many great works of art are presented for your child, and a title is provided for Mom and Dad should they not recognize the piece (which is likely at times unless you are really well versed in art). The music is not "specially performed for little ears" on synths, like Baby Einstein, but is a full orchestral performance, much better for my ears. There are also live segments with children, which my little one enjoys as much as the animated segments.

This DVD is one of my very favorites to watch with my shorty, along with the other Little Lareaute title, Love of World Travel. We highly recommend it.

Toddler Fantasia
Reviewer: Denise M. from Nevada City, CA
My kids and I really enjoyed this video. It reminded me of a little kids Fantasia. It was
beautiful and relaxing -- a good wind down before sleep! Very impressive!



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