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The Little Laureate Company

A fan of any and all media, I was delighted when I heard about the very first "baby videos," but horrified when I actually bought one. In an age where you could watch slick programming at the gas pump, I was shocked that what the box promised was a "celebration of the humanities" actually looked like a bad 1970s public access show filmed in someone's garage.

The precious few minutes when my perpetually active toddler would actually sit still on my lap and watch videos with me were the only minutes I could hold, cuddle and kiss on him all day. I lived for those moments. I wanted, however, to enjoy what we were both watching.

So I set out to create a new kind of educational series. A series that used art to teach children about the world instead of sock puppets. A series that presented a shared learning experience. A series that was world-focused, parent-friendly, and set a new standard for quality.

Our mission at Little Laureate is to create small, magical moments for kids and their caregivers. Because sometimes the constant crying/chaos/poo makes us forget we have the best job in the world.
Heather Maclean
  Heather Maclean
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